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Frequently Asked Questions

General Program Information

The Residential Parking Permit Program has been in effect since 1974 and was initiated in an effort to provide relief for residents whose neighborhoods are impacted by certain public facilities and land uses (such as Metrorail stations) that result in non-residents parking on neighborhood streets. Parking by non-residents can restrict access by residents to street parking, increase air and noise pollution, and create unsafe traffic conditions.


Starting June 2015, the County is implementing a Digital Residential Parking Permit Program for residents making it even more convenient to register for a Residential Parking Permit. This program is rolling out in sections that will coincide with the expiration dates of the current permits in those areas. Permitted vehicles will now be identified by their license plate instead of a decal or paper permit. 

1. What you can expect from the new Digital Residential Parking Permit Program?
If you are currently in a Residential Parking Permit Area that uses a decal as a permit, when that decal expires, your zone will transition over to the new Digital Permit program.  With this new permit system, the term will now be one year instead of two, but the annual cost  $20 will remain the same.  Notification letters will be sent to your residence as a form of notification that you may register online at for the new Digital Residential Parking Permit Parking Program. For additional information about what to expect, please click here

2. When does enforcement on my digital permit begin in my RPP area?

  • For RPP areas converting to digital permits, enforcement begins right after the expiration date of the old decal permit.
  • For residents purchasing a digital permit after the RPP area has converted to the digital permits, enforcement goes into effect immediately.

3. Is my Residential Parking Area transitioning to digital or still receiving decals?
Please click on the link below to determine the status of your residential parking area and when your area will be up for renewal using the Digital Permit Program. The link below lists the current transition schedule for residential parking permit areas transitioning within the next few months

Current & Upcoming Digital RPP Areas

4. How can I currently obtain a residential parking permit?  

As of June 2015, there are two ways a resident is able to purchase a permit:


  • Current residents that are in a residential permit parking area, that issues decals will only, be able to apply and purchase a decal at the Sales Stores if that zone is still currently issuing decals.

Digital Residential Parking Permit Program:

Rolling out to applicable residential zones starting June 1st, 2015, Montgomery County is offering registration using the following methods:

  • Register online at
  • For those who are not comfortable with online registration, you may register over the phone by calling our 24/7/365 help center at 855-510-3995 or apply In person at one of the Countys two Sales Stores located at:

                    809 Ellsworth Drive, Silver Spring MD 20910

                    4720 Cheltenham Drive, Bethesda MD 20814


5. What County code is currently supporting the Residential Permit Program

This program was enacted into law in Section 31-47 of the County Code and is governed by Executive Regulation 44-90/RESIDENTIAL



6. I was following the residential permit regulations but my visitor, new car, contractor tractor, etc. was ticketed anyway. How do I appeal this?

 If all regulations were followed and a vehicle receives a ticket, you should submit your appeal in writing and a copy of the ticket to:

 Parking Citation Services 

                         P.O. Box 1426 
                         Rockville Maryland 20850-1426

Note: If your area still uses decals, you must include a copy of your permit with the written appeal and copy of the ticket issued



7. What should I do if I am expecting a large number of visitors on short notice?

Residents that live in a residential permit parking area may request that parking rules are not enforced for their area for a short period of time when they

expect visitors. This action is referred to as a "Call Off" . To request one, a service request must be created so that parking management can

conduct the necessary actions. Directions on how to request this and examples of what this request could be used for are listed below.

a. A minimum of 48 hours advance notice is required to call off residential parking enforcement for an event.

b. This is only for permit parking areas, all other requests should be directed to police non-emergency for that jurisdiction.

c. Call MC 311 and provide information about your party of visitors

Scenario 1: You are hosting your child's birthday party and are expecting a large amount of guests

Scenario 2: You are hosting a block party

Scenario 3: To have parking accomodations in case there is a death in the family 

8. How are the boundaries for residential permit parking area established?

Generally, Traffic Engineering and Operations Section uses the Civic Association boundaries, as approved by the Maryland-National Capital Park

and Planning Commission, toestablish the "ultimate area" for Residential Permit Parking.


9. How do we secure Residential Permit Parking in our area?

Please click here and refer to question 2 for additional information. 


Digital Permits

1. How will I know when my parking zone has been moved to the digital permit program?

  • Residents will receive a letter from the County no later than 60 days before the expiration of zone permits informing them of the change and how to proceed.
  • Residents wll also recieve an additional 30 day letter before the expiration of zone permits to inform them of how to purchase the digital permit.


2. What do I do if my parking zone is not yet eligible for Digital Permits?

Residents are still able to purchase paper permits until their area is up for renewal. Those residents who will require paper permits

should go in person to one of the Parking Sales Stores to apply.


3. I just sold my car. Do I need to pay for another permit or can I get a replacement? Or, I lost my permanent permit  what do I do?

Because your Residential Parking Permit is digital, you must request to have your license plate changed by emailing your request to with all of the supporting documentation or by contacting our 24/7/365 Help Center by calling 855-510-3995

and requesting a plate change. Please do not add the new license plate onto your account.

In order to have your plate successfully changed, you must provide the following in electronic format  or by bringing the documents to a Parking Sales Store.

  • A bill of sale for the new vehicle replacing the vehicle currently registered for the Residential Parking Permit
  • The registration for the new vehicle displaying that the vehicle is registered to the same address and parking area that your old vehicle was registered to.
  • A brief summary stating the plate that needs to be removed, the color of the new vehicle and the make and model of the new vehicle. Enter "Plate Change" in the subject of the email request.      

 *Please keep in mind that the illegal sale, transfer, or intentional misuse of the resident permit is prohibited.

4. How do I assign a guest to my Visitor permit?

For instructions how to manage your Visitor permit, please click here and refer to question #1 under Digital Permits Program.

5. What types of permits may I purchase and what is the cost of purchasing a permit under the Digital Permits program?

Permits will remain at their current pricing. However, residents will be required to renew their permits annually, instead of every two

years. Please click here and refer to question #2 under Digital Permits Program.

6. For a complete listing of all of the permits that are available, please click here and refer to question #3 under Digital Permits Program. 

7. What if I am a landlord or homeowner that does not reside at the address?

If an applying resident is a Landlord/Homeowner who rents out their property, the Landlord/Homeowner is no longer eligible to apply for a Residential Parking Permit. Permit eligibility is transferred to Tenant/Lessee.  

8. If I receive a parking ticket for my digital permit, how do I dispute it?

You can start the disputing process by submitting a formal request to contest your ticket by emailing to The following MUST be provided in order to properly review your case:

  • Brief description of what happened
  • A copy of the ticket received (mandatory)

9. I would like to request a refund for my digital permit. How do I submit this request?

You can email and request to have a refund processed for your permit. Please include the following details:

  • Reason for refund
  • Permit Name
  • License plate associated with the permit (This is not needed for the Visitor permit)